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Game description & features

Quatro Luzes (from the Portuguese "Four Lights") is a game where you have to swap between 4 different worlds to proceed, using your brain and skill.

When the game starts, you only have access to a white, blank world. As you proceed, collecting spirits along the way, new Light Cores become available, allowing you to visit the Red, Green, Yellow and Blue worlds. You can alternate between them on the fly, allowing for a very dynamic gameplay.

Some unique objects are particular of a world. For example, steam machines will only work in the Red world, since it is the hottest one. Wood trampolines only exist in the Green world, and so on.


The game features:

  • 22 levels to explore, alternating between 4 different worlds, each with different mechanics.
  • Lots of collectibles! 689 Wisps and 42 Spirits await! Some are easy to get, some are downright impossible (unless you are skilled enough).
  • Intuitive controls: you move around, jump and change the world around you with the click of a button.
  • Auto-saving: your progress is saved automatically in a profile, so you can restart from where you were.
  • Main ending and ¬†extra ending, unlocked at 100% completion.
  • Support for English and Brazilian Portuguese.

Platforms & demo

Quatro Luzes is available for:

  • Windows (32 and 64 bits).
  • Linux.
  • Mac OSX (On the works).


Game logo

Jardel Elias


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